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Water supply wtih solar energy

One of our specialties is the independent water supply by means of photovoltaic pumping systems to ensure. These pump systems are already making in developing countries and remote areas a significant contribution to drinking water supply of entire villages. In contrast to the high fuel and maintenance costs of diesel-powered water pumps, provide the photovoltaic pumping systems a more ecological and economical way.

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The ED-Energy complete systems consist of three components: the solar modules, the controller and the pump. The direct connection between solar panel and pump makes a battery storage useless and greatly reduces the investment costs. The problem with conventional pumps is that they are operated with diesel fuel and thus creates the risk of water contamination of the exiting fluids. By doing this, the following benefit in our complete systems is: no harmful substances are used and the water stays clean!

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Advantages of this pumping system for independent water supply:

  • Photovoltaic modules with assembly system controller and pump is provided by us
  • Direct coupling of the pumping system to the generator – without battery storage
  • Maintenance-free operation without fuel and lubricants, so the clean drinking water supply is guaranteed
  • Rapid and flexible structure by folding the open air rack
  • Reliable and durable
  • Can be combined with ultrafiltration