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ED-ENERGY is one of Germany’s best known providers of consultancy and solution services in the field of renewable energies. Strong partnerships with leading manufacturers and wholesalers, funding banks and research institutions make the difference for us and our products at first glance. We help our German as well as international clients through all steps from consulting to planning and assembly up to bringing the photovoltaic system into service.

The solar panels on their roof absorb the sun rays and convert them into electrical power. An inverter converts the generated concurrent flow into the same electrical power as that running in the public grid. This way your household appliances automatically work with environmentally friendly generated power. In order to be able to use the solar power all day long, and even when there is no sunshine, a certain amount of electrical power is stored in the solar power storage.

Your essential benefit: With photovoltaic you invest into a green future and secure your independence from utility companies and from price fluctuations.

Functioning of a photovoltaic system

  • Solar modules with semiconductor elements
  • Inverter
  • PV counter
  • consumption/- feed meter
  • own consumption
  • public electricity grid
Functioning of a photovoltaic system

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