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Since the early days of the company ED-ENERGY, we work to the highest standard of quality when it comes to our engineering activities. The sustainable energy planning of objects is always been our central focus. The conscious use of heating, electric energy and the long-term operating costs determine the planning today more and more. The building owners are now aware that the construction costs and the long-term operating costs determine the value of a building.

Sustainable planning principles

A certification confirms investors, renters, users and the public the environmental quality of a building. Sustainable planning helps to minimize negative impact of a building on the ecological system, conserves natural resources, reduces operating costs, increases performance, quality of life and the overall value of a property.

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Energy efficiency concepts

The technical progress is measured by the efficiency of our use of resources. We create the basis for transparent system decisions, integrate renewable energy systems into new and existing power structures, control and support contracting projects.

We are of the opinion: Investments must be profitable!

Through many years of experience, continuous advanced training and close contacts with scientific institutions of our branch, we can guarantee every customer an individual advice, planning and execution. See for yourself…

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