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Energy consulting

Our energy consulting comprises the entire inventory of the building with all relevant components of the technology and demonstrates the various possibilities for renovating. Energy consulting is after the Energy Performance Certificate, the next step for renovating.

Consulting schedule

Phase 1:

  • Site inspection and actual state absorption
  • Recording of energy consumption and reference data
  • Vulnerability analysis in power, heat, refrigeration and water supply

Phase 2:

  • Evaluation of all findings
  • Initial assessment of possible savings potential in terms of profitability

Phase 3:

  • Creation of a catalogue of savings investment plan with cost efficiency analysis

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After consulting follows implementation

The potential for savings is vary in size depending on the operation. That’s why we offer our customers a cost-free and noncommittal short analysis of their energy situation as a decision aid. This analysis specifies the minimum height of the achievable savings and shows how worthwhile is an energy consulting for you.

The following documents or statements are required for this:

  • Electricity bills over a year period
  • Power supply contract
  • Fuel oil / gas consumption over 1 year (quantity and cost)
  • Information on the predominant use of energy
The benefit of our energy consultant at a glance
  • Review of the current state with the assistance of the energy demand calculations according to the current state of the art
  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • Priorities for efficient use of energy
  • Specific mention of potential savings
  • Proposal of energy saving measures / actions variants
  • Proposal to the possible use of renewable energies
  • Economic evaluation of the proposed energy saving measures
  • Review of physical building effects and tolerability
  • Concrete recommendations with detailed instructions for implementation of the recommended measures

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