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Storing and flexible use of photovoltaic energy

Produce and store your electricity right where it is generated! The sun only shining during the day but families consuming most electricity in the early morning, evening or night, another module is required to ensure independence from the energy provider: The solar battery temporary stores the energy to provide it 24/7.

How does the solar battery work?

With your photovoltaic system you generate solar energy, and with a solar battery you get an easy and comfortable storage to retrieve the energy right where you need it.

The intelligent control of the solar battery ensures that most of the generated solar power is mainly used for your household’s currrent consumption. An excess of solar power will be used to charge the solar battery. Remaining energy will then be fed into the public power grid and remunerated.

Anytime and everywhere – with your solar battery app!

Via your Smartphone you can monitor and control your solar battery – even offline.

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From basic to xxl: far more than just a battery.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Lithium battery. For ideal life time and security in your home.
  • Warranty: 5 years. (For details see our terms and conditions
  • Three-phase operation. Your entire house is supplied with electricity just as you are used to and your own consumption optimized. All loads and electrical sockets in your in-house network can be used just like before – no adaptions required.
  • Stand-alone capability. Your SOLAR BATTERY will supply you with green energy even during a blackout.
  • Smart Function – Own consumption. Loads are switched on via radio as soon as excessive solar power becomes available.
  • Solar battery App. Monitor and control your solar battery comfortably e.g. from your Smartphone or Tablet. This was you are always in full control!
  • Retrofitting possible. Storage and Performance.
  • Compatible. For any photovoltaic power plant and other power generator.

Cost saving – with the solar battery you will get the full kwh!

The solar battery with smart function supplies all phases of your house, so you don’t even have to change your consumption habits. Addressing various devices intelligent automatic via radio control can increase your energy consumption.

the right size for every application

Our experts will be happy to advise you in choosing the right level of size and performance. The choice of your solar battery’s capacity should ensure that the stored solar energy supplies the entire house as long as the photovoltaic power plant doesn’t generate electricity, so typically from evening to the next morning. „S“ is the standard size of the solar battery which is designed for the demand of an average home. For smaller Households or larger properties and small businesses the solar battery is available in 5 more variants, each one with the respective storage volume and adapted peak performance.

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