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Our services

Our customers benefit from a complete service for photovoltaic systems, because in this area we have throughout in Germany and international an excellent expertise. The extensive and vendor independent product portfolio, with expert technical staff and many years of know-how characterize ED-ENERGY.

We assume the total responsibility for your project, i.e. the planning and installation of the system, as well as commissioning subject to our jurisdiction.

Freilandanlagen-003For the future benefit of the plant, different yield factors, such as location, shading, soiling, module selection and inverter design play an important role and must be taken into account already in the planning phase expertly.

After the determination of these site-specific system components in accordance with the structural factors on site, you will get an individual offer, with established economy forecast, technical drawings and realistic photomontages for visualization.

You can rely on our honesty, because if the project is not profitable enough for you – then we advise you against doing it!Man with scredriver on a photovoltaic plant

And after project acceptance and handover of photovoltaic installations, of course you can continue to count on a trusting relationship in terms of service and support.

Our Device: We keep our word! No surprises in the aftermath!

Photovoltaik-Anlage, Planung u. Angebot


  • Calculation of profitability
  • Transparent and customized offers
  • Application and registration for your energy provider
  • Delivery, installation and maintenance for a long-term trouble-free operation


  • Photovoltaic systems make you independent of your energy supplier and rising electricity prices
  • The photovoltaic system increases the value of your property and is to be seen as a profitable investment
  • Financing and leasing options – even without equity capital possible
  • Photovoltaic systems are almost maintenance-free
  • Possible high returns for investors of photovoltaic systems! Firstly, the investment is supported by the Renewable Energies Act and on the other a photovoltaic system after the repayment term is very strong return.
  • Government funding for 20 years
  • Thanks to the modular technology photovoltaic systems are flexible to adapt to the individual claims and can be extended.
  • Uranium, gas and oil just enough for one or two generations more, the coal reserves will be exhausted in 200 years. The consequent shift to renewable energy is not only necessary but also indispensable.
  • Environmentally friendly and emissions-free
  • Solar power around the clock with energy storage possible

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